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Payment Facility Registration Form

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The Rainforest Alliance is partnering with Convera to help tea farm certificate holders (“farm CHs”) around the world to receive Sustainability Differential and Sustainability Investment (SD/SI) payments (“Payment Facility”).

Supply chain certificate holders that redeem tea out of the Rainforest Alliance’s online traceability platform, MultiTrace (“Redeemers”) may use this Payment Facility to send SD/SI amounts to Farm CHs within their supply chains. In very specific circumstances, Redeemers may decide to meet Shared Responsibility requirements through another mechanism and not use this Payment Facility.

To be eligible to receive SD/SI payments for redeemed tea volumes via this Payment Facility, farm CHs must register with Convera by providing the information requested in the form below, including their Rainforest Alliance Certificate Holder Account ID (RA_############ and/or ME01_######). These IDs can be found on the certificate holder's Rainforest Alliance Certification Platform (“RACP”) dashboard and/or MultiTrace.

Important Notes:

  • Tea farm CHs may have more than one license and therefore more than one ID (for example, RA_000######### and/or ME01_######). Payments are tied to the ID used when volumes are sold into the tea supply chain. Therefore, please submit a registration to Convera for each ID with certified tea volumes.
  • The information collected in this form will be used to validate bank account details. Convera may reach out to the contact person listed on the form to clarify information.
  • It is important that the farm CH submits accurate and complete information in this form and responds to any communications from Convera requesting validation or clarification of the information provided in this form. If a farm CH does not respond to Convera’s messages requesting validation and/or correct any errors in bank account details as identified by Convera, Convera will not send the payment.
  • By providing the information requested in the below form and clicking the “Submit” button below, I agree and certify, on behalf of my organization, that:

    • I understand that no tax or other governmental charges (including, without limitation, any state or federal income taxes, stamp or documentary taxes, turnover, sales or use taxes, value added taxes (VAT), excise taxes, customs or any other charges) (“Taxes”) shall be included in payments processed, and that my organization is fully responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including the payment of any applicable Taxes on payments received through the Payment Facility.
    • The information provided in this form is complete, correct and up to date.
    • I consent to sharing with Convera the information provided below, including contact data and my organization’s bank account details for the purpose of transferring SD/SI payments to my organization’s bank account.
    • I understand that payments will not be sent to my organization if my organization has not completed or has failed any compliance checks from Convera.
    • I acknowledge and agree that Rainforest Alliance shall not be liable to my organization or any other person and/or entity for any claim, demand, cause of action, damages, judgment or settlement, or for any loss or injury to earnings, profits, or goodwill, or for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, including attorney’s fees and court costs, in connection with the Payment Facility, including my participation in the Payment Facility and information processed in the Payment Facility.
    • I am authorized on behalf of my organization to agree and certify the above.

    If questions arise while completing the form, please review Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and work directly with your bank to ensure all required fields are accurate. You may also contact the Convera Global Pay Customer Service center via

    IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive a confirmation email once a payment has been made to the bank account you have provided. Please note that entering incorrect account information may result in a delay or loss of funds.  If account information is entered incorrectly, you must notify Rainforest Alliance at as soon as possible. The Rainforest Alliance and Convera claim no liability for any funds submitted using erroneous account information entered by the user.

    A RA Certificate Holder Account ID will look like RA_########### or ME01_#####.

    Select the country in which your bank branch is located.

    Enter name of bank account holder. Name must exactly match the name on the bank account. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter name of your bank. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter Account number. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter your IBAN. If this number is entered incorrectly, we will be unable to make payment. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter Routing Code. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter 9 digit ACH/ABA/RTN Code. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter IFSC code - visit Bank IFSC Code website, if not available enter Routing Code. Please contact your bank if unsure

    Enter 6 digit BSB Code. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter Bank Code. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter 4 digit Institution Identifier followed by 5 digit Branch Identifier. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter your bank swift code. Search for your bank by visiting The Swift Codes

    If you are not sure what your SKN is, please see Question #6 in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Enter Individualniy Nomer Nalogoplatelshchika.

    Enter CNAPS. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter Tax Id.

    Enter National ID Number.

    Enter 9 digit Registro Unico Tributario Number.

    Enter Cedula De Ciudadania Number.

    Enter Cedula Juridicia.

    Enter street address of bank branch. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter City of bank branch. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Select State/Province of your bank branch. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Enter zip/postal code of your bank branch. Please contact your bank if unsure.

    Payee Contact Details

    Please provide your contact details below.

    Select Country of residence.

    Enter Company or Institution Name.

    Enter your first (and middle) name(s) as it appears on your government issued ID

    Enter your last name(s) as it appears on your government issued ID

    For identification purposes, please provide your date of birth.

    Enter Street address of residence.

    Enter City of residence.

    Enter state/province of residence.

    Enter zip/postal code of residence.

    By submitting this form you are subject to the terms within our Privacy Statement.